Foto DT

It is produced in vitro and frozen for direct transfer.

Thawing Novagen®'s Direct Transfer Embryo is simple as a dose of semen for artificial insemination, simply thaw and immediately transfer the embryo.


How it works?

The cost of the OPU is paid by the customer. The vet who works for the client, or a professional appointed by Novagen®, performs the service and sends OPU oocytes of customer donor to Novagen® IVF laboratory at Itapira-SP.

The Novagen®'s Direct Transfer Embryo is produced and frozen in the Novagen® IVF lab according quality and health standards set by the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS). Novagen® charges the customer for the frozen embryo.

The Novagen®'s Direct Transfer Embryo is delivered to the customer to be stored on your property. Thus, the owner can choose how you will work embryos - can commercialize it, transfer at any time, or organize a breeding season. The embryo transfer should be performed by trained veterinarian hired by the client. The embryo can be stored in the laboratory of Novagen®.


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